Lioness Travel is…

  • A movement of fearless women connecting through their love of travel, adventure and passion for impacting the world…
  • A catalyst to empowering women through travel and to discovering their dreams living within…
  • A match-maker of travel connections that become life-long friends who you couldn’t imagine doing life without…
  • Most of all, Lioness Travel brings forth and awakens the Lioness within every woman.




Lioness exists to connect, equip and inspire women to be their naturally fearless selves. To do so we offer an online and mobile platform where women meet fellow travelers,find first-hand information on new locales to explore, share their past escapades and  inspire each other to travel even more.


To create an empowered community of fearless women who travel together, inspire each other to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact on the world.


Fearless. Adventure. Inspiration. Loyalty. Impact.

Who is Lioness

LIONESS:  A woman who pursues her dreams with fierce passion; she lives her life abandoned of all fear; she craves  adventure with no boundaries; she collects life-experiences not things; she seeks kindred-spirit sisters to join her journey; she lives in every moment as if its her last; most of all she knows she is limitless, unstoppable and unbreakable-SHE IS LIONESS.


To provide a mobile platform through which women can discover their dreams through travel and connect with other like-minded women with whom they can take on their next travel destination.

  • To empower, equip and inspire women to not just pursue their dreams but to live them.  
  • To create a safe, all-female travel community in which women can connect and travel with each other more easily and economically.
  • To provide a medium through which Lionesses can make an impact while on their travel journeys.
  • To resource the female traveler, experienced or not,  with local guides, hostesses and/or buddy connections while on her travel destination.


Here at Lioness, we believe travel is the birthing ground of dreams.  The discovery of new places, people and ways of life, literally open your mind to a whole new world and way of thinking.  All it takes is that one moment of seeing the magical beauty of the Sphinx or the wondrous site of Machu-Picchu or having a conversation with a local stranger on what makes a good Turkish coffee good, while waiting for your late-night train.

Travel is the creator of that one powerful moment of what it feels like to be free and on top of the world; that one moment of discovering the ‘real’ you and making a promise to love yourself, no matter who or what happens to you.  Every place, person and new experience adds up to that life-changing, life-defining moment of discovering your purpose, your dream, the very essence of who you are and believing that you have what it takes to make your dream your reality.

We believe, travel isn’t just about seeing the world and new things; its about how those new discoveries and experiences shape and mold us into the beautiful human-beings we are, and will continue to become as we live our lives in the pursuit of purpose and giving a helping hand when we can and especially when we cannot.  

Lioness Travel won’t stop until every woman discovers her dream and sees herself for who she is…for the Lioness living within her-SHE IS LIONESS.

Meet the Team

Valisha K Bogart

Valisha K Bogart

Founder / Chief Travel Expert

Valisha grew up in the mid-west then moved to sunny San Diego where she has been residing since finishing college. During the day she juggles working in the finance industry and running Lioness Travel. Valisha’s vision behind creating Lioness Travel was to provide a safe all-female travel community and mobile-travel platform through which like-minded female travelers can connect, find life-long travel buddies and be empowered through travel. Valisha hopes you follow the Lioness movement by downloading the free app which is on both app stores for apple and android phones.

Estee Gubbay

Estee Gubbay

Luxury Travel Ops Expert

Estee has over 20+years of experience traveling in luxury across the world. As our travel opps expert, she has a keen attention to detail, deep industry knowledge and strong global relationships that bring extreme value to the Lioness Travel trips and retreats offerings where you couldn't get elsewhere!

Jennifer Boakye

Jennifer Boakye

In-House Legal

Jennifer has been in business law for over 15 years and specializes in helping start-ups. She has solo-traveled to 70+ countries and is very passionate about empowering women to pursue their dreams through travel. We are lucky to have her on the Lioness team!