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Planning A Girls Getaway in Sydney, Australia

Have you been dreaming of heading “down under”? A great way to get a taste of what Australia has to offer is by planning a girls getaway in Sydney, Australia. Spend a week or a weekend exploring what the city and its surrounding area has to offer. From the beautiful views to relaxing beaches to fun […]


A Woman’s Guide to Hostel Travel

When you’re traveling sometimes the last thing you want to spend money on is your accommodations. Cutting costs on where you’re staying, especially when you know you won’t spend much time there, can allow for traveling longer or more frequently. It can also allow you to splurge on something more important. This is one of […]

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Why Your Next Girls Getaway Should Be Maui, Hawaii

If you’re looking to sneak off to a luxurious destination with your girlfriends without breaking the bank, consider planning a trip to Maui, Hawaii. You’ll find a destination with a perfect balance of natural beauty to explore and luxury. And a plethora of opportunities to both explore the island and relax. The island is easy […]


How To Be A Better Travel Companion

Many women have been taking solo travel adventures around the globe. And even if you are a frequent solo traveler, there are likely still times you’re looking for a travel companion. This can be you sister, a good friend, a significant other, or even a new travel companion. Whether you’re trying to travel smoother with […]


How to Be a Healthy Traveler on the Road

When you travel frequently or for long stretches it’s very easy to break the healthy habits you have at home. It’s important to try and be a healthy traveler. This can make traveling harder on your body and so you feel like you’re dragging on your trips. And likely even worse when you get back […]


Tips For Women to Pack Your Carry-On Like A Pro

Whether you’re packing for a weekend getaway or two weeks abroad it’s often easiest to get around if all you have is your carry-on luggage. But the truth is that for us women it’s often a little complicated to make that work. The limitation of space is one thing but being able to pack all […]


Girls Getaway To Los Cabos, Mexico

Sometimes you and your girlfriends might need a getaway to relax and enjoy a weekend, or even week, together. If you’re looking for some sun, sand, and the sea then consider sneaking away with a girls getaway to Los Cabos, Mexico. This tip of Baja California is just a two-hour flight from Southern California. Los […]