7 Ways to Avoid Loneliness When Traveling Solo

What to do as a solo female traveler on the road to avoid loneliness. Tips for meetings others while traveling.

Solo travel can be a great experience, but no matter who you are you’ll want to connect with people along the way. It depends on your personality, you might get a little lonely or feel disconnected after a day on the road or it might be a week. But all solo travelers need to avoid loneliness along the ride.

So when you’re planning your next solo trip take these ideas into consideration these ways to avoid loneliness on the road.


Get out of your comfort zone & start conversations with locals

It’s quite possible that you’ll stand out as a traveler when on the road. That may mean locals don’t start up the conversations with you, but that doesn’t mean you can get one started. Whether you’re fluent in the language or need some practice, break out of your comfort zone and jump into a conversation nearby. You might just have a quick exchange or you might make a new friend.

Take a seat at the bar or communal table

It’s easy to sit down at a table and eat by yourself. Or grab a drink with a book in your hand. But when you do that it’s unlikely you’ll have a chance to meet or talk with anyone. So instead take a seat at a bar or a communal space. Here you might chat with the bartender, another traveler or some locals who sit next to you.

Use shared transportation

Many places you can travel from city to city with others. This might be taking a bus or a shared taxi. These can be another chance to meet other travelers. Plus, it will normally save you a few bucks.


Find out where to meet travelers & expats

Most cities around the globe have places where travelers and expats get together. It might be a coffee shop or a bar. You can normally find the spots with a quick search online. Especially if your skills in the local language are weak, meeting other travelers can be a great way to connect and make friends on the road.

Take a group tour or sign up for a group activity

When traveling you might not want to hop on a tour or sign up for a group activity. When you’re trying to experience a country yourself sometimes these can feel “inauthentic”. While this can be true there are also great ones out there. Plus, they are a chance to have a shared experience during your travels. They can be day trip tours, walking tours, cooking classes or guided hikes to give you a few ideas. What to do as a solo female traveler on the road to avoid loneliness. Tips for meetings others while traveling.

Find a meet-up or a travel buddy

If meeting people on the road isn’t coming organically think about making a plan to meet people. There are some great ways to do this. Check out meetup.com or look for Facebook events in the area.

Soon you’ll be able to connect with locals and travelers in the area directly with our upcoming travel buddy app. If you want to be the first to hear about the launch, sign up here.

Bring along a good book or two

You might not always want to interact with others but you can get lost in a good book. If you’re anything like me this can help you avoid loneliness along the road as well. Think about packing an e-reader where you can bring along a few books without having to take up much room in your luggage.

What to do as a solo female traveler on the road to avoid loneliness. Tips for meetings others while traveling.