Top Tips for Surviving A Long Flight

Tips & Trips for surviving a long flight. Everything you need to know to prepare.

As travelers, it’s not uncommon to hop on a twelve-hour flight or have a day filled a few shorter flights. Any time you’re spending more than just a handful of hours in the air it’s easy to get cabin fever.

Whether it’s discomfort or boredom that you might encounter, as long as you prepare for the flights it’s much easier to survive a full day in the air.

Make a List of What You Need to Pack

Just as you might make a list for your suitcase, make one for your carry-on bag. It’s easy to overlook what you might need during your time in the air. Whether it’s snacks, a blanket, your toothbrush or what not, you’ll want to have everything you need in an easy to reach spot.

Wear & Pack What You Need to Be Comfortable

It’s a long flight and odds are you won’t know anyone on it. So while you don’t need to be in sweats, you do need to put comfortable above style. Wear an outfit that you know you’ll be comfortable in for the full day. That might be yoga pants and a loose sweater or it might be a cozy maxi-dress.

Also, pack layers and things that help you relax. Will your airline have a blanket for you? If not, get a cheap one you don’t mind losing and squeeze it into your carry-on. Are you planning on sleeping? If so, you won’t want to forget a pillow.Tips & Trips for surviving a long flight. Everything you need to know to prepare.

Hydrate & Snack Along the Way

Nowadays, it’s pretty rare to have a solid meal on your flights. Especially, one you’ll enjoy. My answer to this is snacking! It stops me from getting hungry or uncomfortable over the flight and I eat better when I’ve packed my own snacks.

Bring some nuts, veggies, dried fruits, and healthy dips to enjoy during your flight. Snacking throughout the day can also keep you busy when your hands get fidgety.

Drink water, water, and water. Don’t get onto a long flight without bringing your own water and maybe another tasty, but hydrating, drink. And whenever the flight attendants come by say yes to a water or juice. Your body will thank you when you land.Tips & Trips for surviving a long flight. Everything you need to know to prepare.

Plan Your Entertainment & Have A Back-Up

What are you going to do with yourself during those hours in the air? Read a book, watch a few movies, or get some work done. Think ahead of time about a few things you’ll do to keep busy.

Plan on having more than you think you need as well. For two reasons. First, you might be less entertained by something than you expected. And second, your original plan might not work. How many times have you counted on WiFi on a plane and it end up not working that day? Or that movie you thought you downloaded actually didn’t?

Also, don’t count on the in-flight entertainment to work. Getting caught flying over the Pacific when their system goes down will drive you nuts if you don’t have something else to entertain you.

Thinking Ahead Helps In Surviving A Long Flight

Above all, the thing you need to survive a long flight is planning ahead. While you don’t need to go overboard; it’s easier to go with the flow on the plane when you’re prepared.

So be sure to make a list, get cozy, pack some snack, and have some fun ready for your next long flight.Tips & Trips for surviving a long flight. Everything you need to know to prepare.